The Basics of House Training Dogs

House training dogs is a generic term and can cover a number of areas of dog training, specifically inside the home. House training dogs can help deal with issues like going to the toilet inside, barking excessively, jumping up at people when they come into your home etc. Basically any issues you have with your dog inside your house.

The best and most proven way to train a dog is to be consistent with what you do. For example if you don’t want your dog to jump up at people when they enter your home you just simply ignore your dog when they jump up. You don’t give them any praise or attention until they stop.

With house training dogs you ignore the bad and praise the good. Never give your dog eye contact when they are behaving in appropriately, dogs read body language very well and if they see the signs that you approve of their bad behavior then they will continue thinking that they are pleasing their owners and will continue to behave badly.

The opposite is true to dog training, when your dog is behaving in such a way that you approve then you praise, reward and give them lots of attention. Over time your dog will associate good behavior with an impressed owner and bad behavior with ‘I’m on my own aren’t I when I do this.’ And that’s what you want.

You must be consistent for this to work you can’t just one day be really strict and then the next day hug them as they leap off the floor as you walk through the door.